Walking In and Walking Out

Customer Service Shoe Store

Through the eyes of Amy…

It’s time to put away those winter boots because summertime calls for a new pair of shoes, and visiting a shoe store to find comfortable flats should be as easy as… well, summer vacation. However, such was not the case with the shoe store I visited last week.

Before visiting the store in person, I went online to check if the shoe store had the pair of flats I
wanted and to make sure that it was in stock. The shoe store’s online inventory stated that they did
indeed have a few pairs left and in my size. Excited to soon be out and strutting around Toronto in my new pair of shoes, I went to the store hoping for a quick transaction. Despite the disorganized aisle of shoes, I managed to find the pair of flats I wanted. However, it was not in the colour I wanted. So I made my way over to one of the employees and asked them if they had the flats in another colour.

The employee told me that all the shoes that they had were already on display. Disappointed, I asked the employee if there was another location where I could find the shoes. Despite being one of the few customers in the store, the employee refused to help me. Instead, they stated that the pair of flats I was looking for was not usually in a different colour and said that I could check online to make sure of it myself as well. The employee did not consider checking the back of the store for the shoes or making any other recommendations.

Such an experience with a serious lack of customer service was surprising. Daily physical inventory counts could help the store keep their online inventory accurate and avoid future disappointed customers. Field merchandising and field marketing services may also be employed in order to ensure improved stock maintenance and product displays. Furthermore, perhaps online feedback programs may encourage employers to provided the best customer service possible in order to ensure an increase in sales.

Needless to say, I won’t be returning to the store! Hopefully they can clean up their act before someone walks out on them as well.

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