Creating a Conversation out of Customer Service

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Great customer service comes in many forms, but in many cases, I favour customer service that stems from a real and down-to-earth, conversational approach. Most businesses train their employees to focus on one main priority: selling their products. This is especially true in restaurants and retail stores because in such fast-paced environments with higher levels of turnover and lower rates of loyalty, businesses look to churn a profit. Some employees don’t take the time to get to know their customers, but this needs to change.

Customer Service is amplified when the customer feels comfortable, and making a customer feel comfortable requires the employee to be able to connect with the customer. Having a normal conversation without making it seem awkward and fake shows that you genuinely care and take interest in them.

I encountered a great customer service experience at my local bank where I went to deposit a cheque. The bank teller greeted me with a friendly smile and I gave her my cheque and asked if she could deposit it into my account. As she took my cheque, she noticed that the cheque was from Club Monaco. She then told me that she loved that store and asked me which location I worked at. I told her that I worked at the Eaton Centre location and she told me how lucky I was to be working there. She even told me that she’d prefer my job to her current job as a bank teller.

As I continued to talk to the bank teller, I told her that the jacket and the pair of jeans I was wearing were also from Club Monaco. She then complimented me on my outfit and told me she would love to shop there sometime. Afterwards, she gave me a receipt with my current balance. As I took the receipt she told me to enjoy my day. This was a very short conversation, but she took interest in me past my transaction. This made my customer service experience at the bank stand out from all the rest. I was thoroughly impressed it was evident that the employees at this bank treated their customers like friends.

This customer service experience has kept me loyal to my home banking branch and I will likely be a customer for life. Do you have any companies that value you more than your transaction is worth? Let us know by leaving us a comment!

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