Striving for Greatness with Brand Experience Evaluations

Through the eyes of Paula…

Brand experience evaluations are conducted when a company wants to compare its customer experience with its standards and procedures. Customer experience can frequently differ from what a company intends for its customers, much like the ongoing human struggle of trying to unite reality and perception. A company could create ideal outcomes and scenarios that it intends for its customers to experience, but many factors work together to produce a unique interaction for every individual. An evaluation is done to assess how much of a disparity there is between the customer’s actual experience and a company’s vision for what it wants customers to experience.

Not just anyone conducts a brand experience evaluation. A company would need people who have great attention to detail, are highly qualified, and can gather a full picture of the company’s service from their own experience with it. These people – Brand Experience Evaluators (BEEs) – perform in-depth evaluations, acting as regular customers when interacting with a company. They may call, email, or visit the company in question, and then proceed to have a “normal” customer to employee interaction. One of the main goals is for them to experience the brand the same way that real customers would within a company’s environment. Their evaluations are based on a company’s intended brand experience, so the closer a company’s perception of itself is to the reality, the better the evaluation.

BEEs could be compared to actual buzzing bumble bees, because they visit different companies (or flowers) and provide a useful service that allows companies (or flowers) to reach greater potential. BEEs help to give companies insight into how the quality of the employees’ performances measure up to what companies need from them. Using a Brand Experience Evaluation, companies can gain insight into what steps they need to take to improve their function and closely match their ideals with their customers’ experience.

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