The Undervalued Comment Card

Through the eyes of Paula…

Companies value their customers by providing good products and services that benefit not only the companies themselves, but also their customers. To ensure that business runs smoothly, some companies use comment cards to open the lines of communication and collect customer feedback. This process has been dismissed by some people who believe that comment cards are not worth the time and attention needed to fill them out. But comment cards have the potential to provide companies with valuable information that will help their business grow, develop, and improve.

Traditionally, companies provide comment cards for customers to fill out, and the customers’ responses inform the companies’ future decisions. However, comment cards have another facet. Companies can distribute them not only to customers, but also to various areas of a business such as employees, franchises, and suppliers. This dimension adds further opportunities for businesses to strengthen the quality of their products and services.

For customers who care about the products and services they are using, comment cards will go a long way to help improve their favourite companies. The two-way communication that comment cards ignite between customers and companies allow positive changes and adjustments to occur. Honest feedback allows companies to build better tools and methods for conducting their business, which in turn makes both company and customer happier.

To encourage customers to fill out comment cards, companies could offer an incentive such as a gift certificate, a discount, or a free item to show customers that their input is valued. In addition, questions should be kept fairly short and to a minimum so that customers are not overwhelmed. Another very important part of comment cards is how they are effective in distribution and collection. Once completed, customers will feel more engaged with companies because they contributed to shaping future decisions. Finally, companies can enter all the feedback they gained into their databases for future consultation.

Whether the feedback is positive or negative, comment cards can lead to big changes in companies. If the feedback is positive, then companies’ success will increase, and the quality of their products and services will be reinforced. If the feedback is negative, then companies can take that information and implement certain changes within the business that will hopefully make for improved customer satisfaction. Making adjustments and tinkering with facets helps to ensure that companies keep up to date with the customers’ desires and expectations. Most importantly, communication is key for a successful, smooth-running business operation. Comment cards allow this communication to happen, which is why all companies should use them to gauge the performance of their products and services.

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