Making Stores Look Good for Customers

Through the eyes of Paula…

When you walk into a store, what kind of impression do you get from its appearance? Do you notice when the merchandise is exceptionally organized or messy, or do you remain focused on your task and just buy what you need and leave? Even if your shopping style is quick and to the point, the appearance of the merchandise will have an effect on your overall impression of the store and whether or not you will come back again – even if that effect is subconscious. A store’s merchandise needs to be well organized, promoted, and presented to ensure its success with customers. Stores that choose to have field marketing and field merchandising services represent them will find that there will be a significant impact on their retail sales.

The vast majority of customers make their purchasing decisions after they arrive in a store. Therefore, the success or failure of retail sales is largely based on the physical space of the store – the store level. Business will improve if the displays are neat and tidy, if planograms are set properly, if shelves are fully stocked, and if the company’s products are on display rather than the competitor’s, because customers will be attracted to the good-quality appearance. When a store employs a local team of merchandisers to ensure that the store products are effectively placed and attractive, then the store will have a more positive presence.

People who provide field merchandising and field marketing services to stores assist in a variety of areas. They will make sure the products are accessible to customers, and that displays are properly set up and fully stocked. They will ensure the product packaging is neat, clean, and presentable, and will make sure that products are accurately priced. Since field marketing and field merchandising are conducted face-to-face, it is imperative that the retail staff are familiar and knowledgeable about the product. The product’s reputation is in their hands. Effective communication will go far in giving customers a good impression of the product or brand, so those conducting the field marketing services must be effectively trained in communication skills. They should be sufficiently persuasive and able to gauge customer interest in the product.

To make store products look better to customers, field marketing services can employ a variety of tactics. They can set up product sampling and demonstrations, where the aim is to engage every customer who samples the product. They can have in-store promotions, which sometimes involve presenting offers of specific services to customers that may fit their future plans and projects. As well, merchandising involves coordinating with the retailer, and the marketer can negotiate special displays and particular shelf space for the product. People who offer field marketing and field merchandising services aim to cultivate relationships with retailers, as that will ensure the success of both parties and of the retailer’s products.

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