Giving Customer Service a Tune Up

Improve your customer serviceIf you feel like your business is not getting the customer response you want, perhaps it’s time your business got a customer service tune up. There are a few things you need to look out for that might be preventing a new customer from becoming a loyal one.

Businesses tend to stereotype customers; assuming one customer’s wants and needs are the same as the next. A customer feedback mechanism is a good way to prevent this. Things like comment cards or surveys will let you know exactly what each customer is thinking. There is also a second, cheaper method… listen to your customers, they’ll tell you what they want.

Following in the same strand as listening to your customers is treating them as human beings. Don’t treat people as sources of revenue. Learn to read your customers, who you can joke around with, who you should act formally with. Your thoughtfulness will count towards loyalty.

Most importantly is to be honest with your customers. Don’t overreach your capabilities as a business. Customers won’t mind if you’re honest with them about what you can and cannot provide, but they won’t be happy if you make them promises you can’t keep.

The customer is the life blood of a business. It’s imperative that they stay happy or else the business is going under. So, treat them with respect and courtesy and you might find them hanging around for a while.

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