Entering the World Wide Web of Online Shopping

Retail- Online ShoppingJust recently, I decided to try online shopping for the very first time. I know I’m pretty late on the whole online shopping trend, but I was very skeptical of the idea at first. And with a very competitive retail market, many companies have been popping up on the web. Needless to say, I was reeled in by one online retailer that featured some of the cutest summer dresses at great prices, so I just couldn’t resist.

This online retailer was in Europe and I’m in Canada, so I quickly became very worried about shipping and duty costs. Normally the costs associated with shipping and duties (especially with foreign retailers) for online purchases are a real deterrent, which is why it was great to see that this retailer allowed their customers to pay up-front for the duty costs when shipping to Canada. That way, when the package arrives, you are not slammed and/or surprised with extra charges associated with the journey. To make things even better, many of the items I purchased were marked down 70% with an additional 40% taken off at checkout. Thanks to this amazing deal (and my overall savings on duties and shipping), I was able to buy several things to revamp my summer wardrobe.

What I also loved about my online shopping experience was the level of customer service I received when trying to trouble-shoot my account. When I first tried signing up, my account information was not being processed properly. Thankfully, this retailer had a 24-7 customer service helpline that I was able to call and get my account information sorted out. This showed me exactly how much they care about their customers’ business, even if it is their first purchase. To top it all off, my package arrived within 6 days of placing my order, and as promised, it arrived free of any duty charges whatsoever! So next time you think twice about hitting the world wide web of shops, skip the mall and check out at an online store!

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