Changing the Dining Experience

Through the eyes of Joshua…

Korean cuisine is a rapidly blossoming market, making dishes such as Kimchi or Bibimbap as common as burgers or chicken wings. In my neighbourhood, Korean restaurants are a bit more common than your favorite fast food joint.

Just recently, I decided to try a new Korean restaurant that had recently opened close to where I live. I arrived just after 9pm and the place was buzzing with tons of customers. What was immediately noticeable, and different from other Korean restaurants, was the raised wooden platform which took up half the restaurant. Patrons placed their shoes to the side of the platform and sat on pillows, kneeling or cross-legged, to eat. Immediately, I made for one of the empty spots on the raised platform in a small corner of the restaurant. Though, it was a busy night a lovely waitress brought me to my table and I was lucky enough to have it all to myself, even with the long lineup snaking out the door.

A common practice in Korean restaurants is to serve appetizers, comprising of small dishes of Kimchi, steamed peppers, glazed potato chunks, and spiced radish. As I had come by myself, I presumed I might not get a full serving of appetizers, but was delighted when the waitress brought over six small appetizer dishes. My main course came quickly after and I enjoyed every bit of it.

Satisfied after my meal, I asked for my check. As I was about to leave, I couldn’t help but think about how great this restaurant was. I had an awesome experience and it was because of the little things that this restaurant did. Sure, there are tons of Korean restaurants by my house, but none were like this particular restaurant. It’s all about the experience they provide their customers with. In this scenario, I was transported to a Korean dining room where everyone would dine on the floor, and while the experience was awesome, they made sure not to take away from the customer service and the excellent quality of the food.

Does your favorite restaurant do anything that makes them stand out from the rest? Leave us a comment! We’d love to hear all about it 🙂

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