Making the Mark for Positive Customer Service

Through the eyes of Joshua…

It’s not something you think about when picking up your morning coffee from your local coffee shop, but it’s right there on your cup. No, not the logo- not as noticeable. Take a look at the sleeve they place on the cup—the one that allows you to pick the cup up when it’s too hot. On that sleeve is a very small menu. That’s something I’d like to draw your attention to.

This is where the barista checks off the type of drink you ordered. It seems rather simple, doesn’t it? But its practicality for both you and the barista. It certainly clears up any order mix ups, making sure you get your green tea rather than the barista accidentally handing you a latte with extra cream.

We’ll give the baristas the benefit of the doubt, though, and assume that besides always misspelling your name on the cup, they provide excellent customer service and never mix up a drink. So, what other uses does this menu have? Well, recently I was tasked with ordering coffee, tea, and a hot chocolate for my colleagues. Four orders, all medium-sized, meaning they came out looking identical. I was handed one of those thick cardboard coffee trays with the four drinks, and given no indication as to which one was which.Thank goodness for the little menus on the sleeves. After I balanced my way back to work (which turned out to be the trickiest part), I was able to accurately hand out each drink to its rightful owner without having to give each one a taste-test.

This kind of menu isn’t just being used by coffee cups anymore, but can now be found on some fast food wrappers. Restaurants and cafes are looking for new ways to identify orders and this seems to be the direction they are taking. It’s a simple solution, but one that prevents a lot of potential customer complaints and provides great customer service.

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