A Little Product Knowledge Goes A Long Way

Through the eyes of Joshua…

Whenever I go into a store, I personally don’t have high expectations for an employee’s product knowledge. If they can point me in the right direction, I’m generally satisfied. However, it is a rare treat when an employee is able to confidently talk about a product they’ve used or make a recommendation.

I happened upon one of these rare gems recently when I entered a bookstore with the sole intent to browse. I asked a nearby employee if anything new had come in, expecting to be pointed to a display of the recent bestsellers. Instead, he asked me what kind of books I enjoyed reading. I said that I enjoyed tabletop gaming and reading any fantasy and science fiction novels that came from it. He immediately showed me a book, just released, about the history of tabletop gaming. It was one he had read and was able to confidently give me a personal review, expounding information that would not have been found on the back of the book.

Unfortunately, when I looked at the price, I saw that it was beyond my budget. However, he did not give up so easily and asked me in a friendly manner what my intentions were for coming into his store. I admitted that I wasn’t really looking for anything in particular, just browsing. Before allowing me to leave he brought me to see his new favorite book. It was the biography of an autistic child growing up. The employee gushed praises about the author’s writing style, its growing popularity in the reading world, and how I would enjoy it. I was hooked and forked over the money for the book.

From my brief interaction with the employee it was clear that he was a prolific reader and genuinely enthusiastic about his job. He impressed me, not just throwing sales pitches around but trying to find a book that I would really enjoy. Needless to say, I left the store with a little added weight to my bag.

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