Customer Service Brewed to Perfection

Like many people in Toronto, I enjoy visiting coffee shops for the ambiance and more realistically, the daily caffeine fix. Conveniently, there is a coffee shop in the same plaza where I work, and although there are much cheaper chain restaurant alternatives nearby, I prefer this coffee shop.

The coffee shop’s advertisements are always correlated with the season, and it always amazes me that no matter how many customers there are, the shop is nearly spotless. There are noticeable signs describing the shop’s green initiatives, such as their dedication to upholding high environmental and social responsibility standards when acquiring their coffee beans. There is also always an available seat, making it a great place to sip at your drink and use their free Wi-Fi.

The dedication of the staff is impeccable. One time, I decided to order a frozen hot chocolate because of the hot weather. After paying for my drink and moving to the side to receive my order, I was handed a regular hot chocolate instead. The server had misheard my order and when I corrected her she apologized and prepared my request and offered the original drink for free. I thanked her and accepted the extra drink.

It is moments like this which cause me to appreciate the coffee shop’s cleanliness, convenience, and accountability to customers, which has me coming back again and again.

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