CDs- A Blast from the Past

Through the eyes of Joshua…

As a child of the 90s, I still have an affinity for listening to music on CDs. This desire to have a physical copy of the music that I like has led me to many a music store in search of niche genres.

Recently, I visited a well-known chain of music stores in search of a specific CD. They featured a diverse inventory divided into separate genres. Within each genre, the CDs were divided by plastic dividers to make it easier to pick out band labels.  What I also liked about the music store was that Canadian bands were clearly labelled with a maple leaf sticker on the divider. However, the store had unfortunately run out of copies of the CD that I had wanted. Hoping that they might have some extras in the backroom, I approached a customer service representative. After checking the in-store computer, he informed me that the store no longer had any more copies of the CD.

Disappointed, I was about to leave the store when the customer service representative informed me that he could order more copies of the CD and call me when they arrived. I agreed, but was unsure how willing I was to wait, and decided that if it was longer than a week I would look elsewhere. After just three days the store called, informing me they had received fresh copies of the CD! I went to the store to pick one up. When I went to the cash register to make my purchase, the cashier informed me that since I was making a purchase larger than $10, there were items available at a steep discount. I ended up splurging on a pair of headphones which were very cheap and that I still use today.

The store certainly impressed me with its diverse and well-organized collection, and their attentiveness to customer needs. I feel that it’s important to give credit to the dying breed of stores that still sell CDs. In a generation where almost everything from music to books is in digital-form, it is nice to see that people still care and pay tribute to the novelty of Cds. I’ll be certain to make a stop in the next time I’m looking for a new CD

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